Four Great Title Deeds outlining the Future Boundaries of Israel:

1. Gen 15:18 "River of Egypt" Nile, southwestern boundary; "Euphrates" Eastern boundary

2. Exo 23:31 "Red Sea," South boundary, "Sea of the Philistines," Mediterranean Sea, "Arabian Desert," East boundary, "Euphrates", North & East boundary

3. Deut 1:6-7 "Horeb," Southern boundary, "Mount of the Amorites," North boundary, "By The Seas," Mediterranean Sea, Euphrates, Eastern boundary

4. Duet 11:24 "Wilderness of Lebanon," South & East boundary, "Euphrates" North & East boundary, "Utter most Sea," Mediterranean west boundary.

Deut 11:24; "Every place whereon the soles of your feet shall tread shall be yours"

Beginning at Ur the path that Abraham prodded followed the general outline of the Triangle above. (Ur north up the Euphrates to Haran, south along the shores of the Mediterranean to Egypt, thence into the Arabian desert)