Global Warming Consequences

A World Without Ice — still image

Watch the ice melt — DIVX film clip (25 seconds)

3-D Globe turning — DIVX film clip (50 seconds)

You must have the DIVX codec installed to watch the video clips. It is free for download from the internet.

Special thanks to Brother Eric Patterson for supplying the "ice free" image and the following links.

In Pictures: How the World is Changing

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Greenland Ice Melt Speeding Up

Patagonian Ice in Rapid Retreat

South American Glaciers' Big Melt

Kazakhstan's Glaciers Melting Fast

Earth's Equatorial Obesity

Warm-Up in the Alps

Everest Melting? High Signs of Climate Change

Climate Change: Pictures of a Warming World

Earth's Bulging Waistline Blamed on Glaciers, Oceans